We are so thrilled and honored to have just been notified that our album, "Kickstands Up" was awarded Best Root/Rock Album of 2013 by Blues Underground Network. This makes two years in a row, last year we received the honor for "Full Throttle", This means a great deal to us as they are one of the most passionate music publications on the web. Thank you for the award B.U.N.!!! 

You can visit their site and view their Year End Review awards here.

Blues Underground Network

Dates looking slim? have no fear. The band is on a brief hiatus as Don Ray focuses on the operations of his record label and publishing company. Dates are currently being scheduled to resume touring next year.

What was originally conceived as a Blues/Roots Rock band, Don Ray says, "we are blessed and very fortunate to have received a lot of fantastic radio airplay by both Blues and Americana radio stations over the years." "We, still today, have multiple songs on the Rockin' Blues playlist on Sirius XM's Bluesville station and chart from time to time on the RMR radio charts."

But, while touring the first two albums, the DRB quickly became a favorite at Bike Rallies and Motorcycle events playing everywhere from Sturgis, SD. to Jacksonville, FL.  Wanting to repay the Biker communities and events that support the band so loyaly, Don Ray began specifically writing music geared toward the rally crowds. That inspiration has produced two more studio albums, Full Throttle and Kickstands Up. So is the band a Blues band? YES. Are they an Americana Roots Rock band? YES

And, are they a Biker band? HELL YEAH! 

"We love you all! Ride safe and Kickstands Up!!!" - Don Ray